Europe Joins Our Rocker Inside Playlist: Let’s Rock!

Europe Joins Our Rocker Inside Playlist: Let's Rock!

Join us in welcoming Europe, the iconic rock band, to our Rocker Inside playlist! Originating from Upplands Väsby, Sweden, Europe has been a powerhouse in the rock scene since the early 1980s, known for their signature sound and unforgettable anthems.

About Europe:

Formed in 1979, Europe skyrocketed to fame with their infectious blend of hard rock and glam metal. Led by the charismatic Joey Tempest on vocals, the band’s lineup boasts remarkable talent including guitarist John Norum, keyboardist Mic Michaeli, bassist John Levén, and drummer Ian Haugland. Together, they’ve crafted a legacy of hits that resonate with audiences worldwide.

Top 5 Tracks by Europe:

  1. The Final Countdown
  2. Carrie
  3. Rock the Night
  4. Superstitious
  5. Cherokee

Don’t miss out on Europe’s electrifying tracks on Rocker Inside! Tune in and experience their timeless sound firsthand.

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